Why you should hire me

Companies generally want two things. They want to make money and they want to do something good for the world. I hope I can help with both of those things.

In terms of software engineering, that means that:

  • you want successful projects
  • you don’t like budget extensions, delays, cancelled projects or lawsuits
  • you don’t like operational failures (critical bugs and faults in your software)

Unfortunately, those problems are very common in today’s software. I wrote a report titled “3 common software dangers costing companies trillions of dollars and how to prevent them in your company” which examines how insecure, inaccessible software and bad code can cost you a significant amount of money. In more detail, they can result in:

  • security breaches and ransomware attacks
  • bugs and operational failures
  • lawsuits and fines
  • cancelled projects
  • difficult projects that go significantly over budget and can be significantly delayed (particularly projects that don’t apply good software development practices)
  • loss of reputation for the company and loss of customers (as a result of the other points)

With all of those points, fixing them earlier is 10x cheaper than fixing them later. Some of them can also cause irreversible damage if they manifest.

The solution is to hire staff that know about security, accessibility and are able to write quality code at a pace that doesn’t slow down your team.

That’s where I can help. If you already care about these things, then my experience should be a good asset to the company. Otherwise, I can advise on those issues and help you avoid them. In addition, I have strong experience in front end in general and I’m able to do the work you require to a high standard.

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