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Stories App

Tech stack: Node, Express, MongoDB

A simple application where users can post stories and comment on stories. Stories and comments have full CRUD functionality and access control, so that only authorised users can access them.

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Stories app project


  • Dotenv for environment variables in development.
  • User authentication with Passport and Passport-google.
  • View engine with EJS.
  • Database ODM with mongoose.
  • Sessions with express-session.
  • Flash messages with connect-flash and express-messages.
  • Form validation with express-validator.
  • Secure HTTP headers with helmet.
  • Foundation CSS framework.

Implementation notes

  • For the database models I used MongoDB with nested sub-documents in key places. I did this as an exercise because nested data results in better read performance.
  • Form data is validated and sanitised to ensure a correct format and security.
  • Google+ ID, display name and avatar image are stored when the user logs in with google.

Stories app new story form



  • Flash messages show messages for successful operations or unauthorised actions.


  • Logged in users can create stories.
  • Stories can have different privacy settings:
    • Public – Story is visible by everyone.
    • Private – Story is only visible by the user.
    • Unlisted – Story is only visible if you visit the URL directly.
  • The background color of the story changes to reflect the privacy setting.
  • Stories can have comments enabled or disabled.
  • Story bodies can use basic HTML styles like bold, italic, lists, links, etc. Other HTML and scripts are not allowed.
  • Clicking on the author name displays a page with all of that author’s public stories.

Users and authors

  • Users can log in with Google.
  • Authors can see all their stories on the dashboard page.
  • Authors have full CRUD functionality over their stories.
  • Authors can delete comments on their stories, but not edit them unless they own the comment.
  • Users can write comments on any story that allows comments.
  • Users have full CRUD functionality over their comments.

Stories app user dashboard

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