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Game Of Life

Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Jest, Enzyme, Webpack, Babel

A game of life simulation with a color effect, buttons with different effects and a pattern picker.

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Game of life


  • React
  • Node.js and Express (for a very basic server).
  • Jest & enzyme (testing)
  • Sass


  • Every cell in a row has a different color which keeps changing.
  • Run / pause button for stopping the simulation.
  • Step button for advancing the simulation by a single step.
  • Clear button to clear all cells.
  • Reset button to restart the simulation with cells.
  • Speed slider which sets the rate of cycles.
  • Select dropdown which selects pattern to add to board when a cell is clicked.
  • Clicking on the board adds / removes cells to the board based on the selected pattern. If a cell already exists, it is removed, otherwise it is added.


  • 2D array for the state of the board.
  • React for the front-end.
  • create-react-app to set up the project.
  • App.js holds the program logic.
  • Separate modules created for different logic, such as generating the initial board and applying the game of life rules to the board.
  • Testing with Jest and enzyme.
  • SCSS used along with a build script to process it to CSS.
  • Node.js and Express for a very basic server (needed to upload to Heroku).

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