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100 Days CSS

Tech stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React (Gatsby)

My attempt at recreating some of the 100 Days CSS frames, with some extra features.

Code repository | Visit project

Two CSS creations


  • Responsiveness: I tried to make these as responsive as possible. For some of them, if you manually change the size of the frame the image should resize accordingly. E.g. with “095 – Pig drawing” and 072 – Animated rings. Unfortunately this wasn’t possible for things which required absolute sizes, such as font.
  • Custom properties and / or Sass variables for easy changes to each frame. For example with 097 person, you can change the value of the “person-height” variable and the person will change to that height while still being centered in the frame.
  • CSS animations pause when they’re not visible on screen. This was essential because mobile performance greatly deteriorated as I built more of these.
  • Pre-rendered with Gatsby.
  • Lazy loading of CSS frames further down the page.

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