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Why you must use BEM or CSS modules or styled components

Video version of this article Why would you need to use those things? Basically, because CSS… is extremely difficult to get right… and it can get to a point where it’s completely unmanageable. In this post I want to talk about what the problems with CSS are and how BEM / CSS modules / […]

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Layout in CSS

This article is about how to create a good layout in CSS. We’ll tackle layout in CSS from a few angles, specifically: Things you must know to be able to handle layout in CSS effectively. Positioning between a container and its components. Positioning elements belonging to a component. Positioning sibling components. The goal is to […]

Books on web development

The top 5 CSS gotchas, and a few bonus…

CSS, we all love it right? Truth be told, we owe a lot to CSS. Without it, websites would still look like Word documents. All in all, CSS is an ingrained component of the internet, it’s here to stay, and it’s what makes the internet today. So what’s this article about? CSS is extremely unpredictable. […]

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How to Learn Web Development

So you want to learn web development? This post will attempt to go through the best way to learn web development. It gives you guidelines on how to learn web development, why to learn these topics in this order, and general principles about learning. It includes resources in a particular order for learning web development.